Our Volunteering Opportunities are Available to Anyone. From those Looking to Acquire skills to those Looking to Share Skills.

Try out a Career before Making a Decision

Our aim is to be a global leading organisation providing Students, Graduates and Unemployed with opportunities to gain practical skills and experiences, enabling the best prospects for future jobs growth.

With the unemployment rate increasing each year, leaving a number of graduates stuck, young people feel as though there is no need for education yet Education is extremely important.
Bendecido Practical Institute has decided to embark on the journey of emphasis the benefits of education as well as endeavoring to create more placements and volunteering and placement opportunities.

Our volunteering opportunities are available to anyone. From those looking to acquire skills to those looking to share skills. Many have testified that volunteering programs can be very rewarding and a great way to meet new people, creating opportunities , gain new exchange or share your existing skills, a chance to become head hunted ,make a big difference to your community
There are lots of easy ways to give your time to help others whether you're looking to gain work experience and broaden your prospects, fulfil your passion for environmental issues or simply want to give a few hours a week to a cause that benefits your community, we have it all for you.