Student Exchange

Student Exchange Programs give students a chance of living overseas for anything for at least twelve months. A student exchange programme shows real ability and commitment of mastering and adapting to different cultures, focusing on improving communication skills from with cultural activities and excursions organized outside the classroom.  A step taken to get to know many aspects of cultures   while on a student exchange programme in curtail.

Students interested in this program will be staying at one of the following –

  1. A host family’s home
  2. School or university student’s accommodation
  3. At one of our partner property developer.

You’ll live like a local and become immersed in the culture. You’ll learn the language and gain valuable international experience. You’ll learn a lot about yourself.

We aim to offer a unique experience of living and studying in another culture and to enable young people to develop skills and awareness that will enhance their future potential. Push your boundaries, Experience is everything.

Gain a chance to network with international local and global organisation through part-time work and volunteering during your student exchange program.

We have local team to support you during your student exchange program there is no need to worry.

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Please get in touch on  if you are intreasted in this program or becoming a host.