Benefits of Education Forum

The benefits of education forum is an annual international event that brings together decision makers such as UNIVERSITY DEAN OF STUDENTS , TEACHERS ,COMMUNITY LEADERS, PARENTS, CHURCH LEADERS , YOUTH LEADERS, MEMBERS OF THE PARLIAMENT, STUDENT AMBASSADORS , HEADTEACHERS and corporate organisations from across the globe. With a purpose of sharing possible solutions that are implemented throughout the year as a tool to deal with the growing concern of unemployment especially in graduates and students. During our gathering we also ensure that we have individuals and organisations that are experienced to provide essential knowledge for graduates, students and those looking to further their careers as well as introducing volunteering , placements, internships or part-time work available. In other words the Benefits of Education Forum is used as a platform is introduced to guide you through everything you need to know about the transition process from education into desired career destination. Achieving a degree is one thing but putting your degree into use is also another thing. Helping you to create connections and gathering ideas that will assist you to successfully transit from education into desired career destination is the exact reason for our existence.

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If you have an action that could be implemented to contribute to the success of the project please feel free to contact us on with subject suggesting Action. We encourage all members of the community to take part in finding a solution to unemployment even after acquiring the right education. We look forward to hear from you.